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Kaarina Leskinen was chosen 1962 Miss Finland. She was the so-called first television beauty contestant. The five hour transmission was performed, Tesvision as a transmission and the rights of the competition were Finnartisteilla for the first time. The curves are a one our beauty contestants who have most succeeded . Miss Europe was placed third in the competitions in Lebanon as curves and Miss Maailma of London to be the as much as second one, in the competitions! Furthermore, Kaarina was chosen 1963 Miss Scandinavia and in his last competition in Mallorca he came fourth in the competition, vielä Miss UN. After this the model work indeed called around the world and went still once as Kaaris also in Lebanon to crown Miss Europe of the following year.
And British man Peter Jones was inaugurated during the midsummer 1965 as curves but the marriage later ended in the difference. The joint was created two boys   Michael and Stephen. Nowadays Kaarina Leskinen lives in Belgium and has acted as the guide there for decades. In Kaarina there also is a beautiful sister, Maiju Leskinen. He was chosen 1970 Miss Helsinki and he represented Finland a couple of years later in the competitions, Miss Young International. Its jälkeen Maiju performed an enormous successful model career, among others, in New York in which Maiju nowadays with its families asustella.
Still Kaarina is a woman who extremely beautiful, pleasing and has succeeded.