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Armi Aavikko was chosen 1977 Miss Finland. He also got the prize of the ideal girl of Lehdistö. Soon after this Armi began to work extraordinarily to the beauty contestant heavy because in the daytime she took care of the beauty contestant's work and Dannyn in the evenings with the song jobs. "I want to be sulle, the tender" part conquered Finland and Armi experienced already as the beauty contestant year the first burn-out to which the doctor determined 3 days of rest then totally. Armi was responsible and tried to manage its work until the exhaustion. During the beauty contestant year he participated in two international competitions; Miss Universum to competitions in Santo Domingo (I got a card from which from Armi as a young boy:) and cosy Miss Scandinavia to competitions. Armi's mother asked Armi to be natural and on no account did not hope for the victory to Armi. He knew that Armi was still young, kind and conscientious girl who perhaps would not have been ready yet to the market of the world. In Santo Domingo it went well, however. Armi was placed 13.instead! First the one that has been divided had him from 12 sijalla but after the renewal voting the girl of Venezuela was chosen as the twelfth one to the final. Armi pääsi "Tahto to be tender" in Santo Domingo sulle and Dannyn managed the shares also to sing its part, playbackina paikallinen kavaljeero. As Armi's room-mate the girl of Holland was Ineke which then indeed was placed 12:among best. Armi was horrified at the misery of the local people and at the slums even though missikanditaatit very seldom got to the loss from the hotel fire after seeing them also. Armi tried to do with English even though it took tight.  Armi laughed English years later how he was stated that when a Miss Finland kisoissa was asked~"yes,yes, I speak english", mutta in reality he puhui very little. This was one crucial matter why Armi was not better placed. Besides the song work interested Armi more and Dannyn, also~then -70 indeed circled the earth around Finland and in 80's. Armi's song and ability as a public performer improved quickly.Armi in the 90's Danny and began to present its show to Sweden's cruise ships.92 Armi's sister Arja decided käden via, her day, own~and Armi's alamäki started from this. Alcohol stepped in the figures along papers kirjoittivat kirkuvine from drinking of Armi that has given a title. Armi said myöhemmin ~that in the interview he did not understand why he was hit when hänellä was a sorrow, contain. Armi was caught of the drunken driving, a time and myös 2 performed the society service.  Lisä hospital visits stepped in the figures along in which tuli sloped time months. ~To give Armi 1995 to the television in its interview~Viimeisessä believed that everything was turning still good but unfortunately did not go so. Armi's sick leave lasted the years a couple of jobs and he did not return to work any more lukuunottaa. The powers had been exhausted.. Printer to Armi in the autumn of 1996 I and tried to encourage him kirjoitimpa to the story's him also to Ilta-sanomas. Armi rang and thanked for the transmitting hard. It was fine to get feedback on its own life through the letters from him and we chatted quite long calls because at the same time my father also died. The interaction was from the connections.. Even though Armi spent even a non-alcoholic life sometimes, enää not, he~been it same Armi which was he before its sister's suicide. Before the meeting of the death, Armi got the new mielialalääke which, however, had again improved Armi's mood.  Ikävä yes, for a long time Armi of the Christmas caught cold 2001 and did not go to the doctor in spite of the suggestions. Armi perished to the pneumonia, 2.the day of January 2002. The angel whose time to leave it was left our Keskuus. To good people this often happens. They have first to leave.