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Anne Pohtamo's beauty groove began in the early 70's when he was placed second in the model competitions of the magazine Me Naiset .Two years later in 1974  was Anne chosen some Mannekiinikuningatar and already history was made a year later. First victory in the competitions in Miss Finland and then Miss Universum! Anne's beauty contestant year was also otherwise the best, since our beauty contestant years ever. 1.Anne's crown princess Merja Tammi won a competition in Japan, Miss Young International Beauty, 2.a crown princess, Eeva Mannerberg was placed second in the competitions, Miss International Beauty.
Miss Universum a competition was had in San Salvador. The jury included, among others, Marilyn Monroen, familiar Peter Lawford which would have chosen as the second one Miss Universumi the representative of Haiti who has come if it had been the only judge. Otherwise Anne was superior and the favourite during the whole competitions. Strasberg of Tuomari Susa required in the interview if Anne has thought how the victory would affect his life? Anne had not thought about it. Anyhow he only would hardly travel back to Finland. Susan ordered Anne to prepare for everything. At this stage Anne did not understand either how big a favourite was he. Miellyttävä-varmakäytöksinen, but however in its own way calm and matter-of-fact woman.
So Finland's Anne Marie Pohtamo as a winner and sen representatives of Haiti,USA, Sweden and the Philippines. Miss as a prize of the universe was, among others, FIM 36 000, jewellery, dresses, first of all for the year of the mink and of the job. The president of San Salvador donated gold and valuable platinum jewellery to Anne unfortunately which were stolen immediately on the first representation way in Colombia. Anne's year was busy. He among others appeared. Tonight of Johnny Carson in show in which Carson took Anne to take a sauna bath. Miss Universum to look for the work of the model to New York because of an image Arto Hietanen who had come was not allowed to live together with Anne. The work of the model would have been available but the work permit did not come loose. Niimpä Arto alone returned to Finland when Anne travelled around the world. Eventually the engagement was broken off and la Fontaine liimaantua Jacgues de close to Anne's side. There was talk about the betrothal parties and about getting married until Anne noticed violent features in the man. Also many other celebrity men were turning around but Anne did not feel the one totally sure about its choices. Anne returned to Finland during the midsummer 1980 and the love for Arto flashed again. Anne became Mrs Hietanen in October and four siunaantua children. Jesse,Joni, Jasmin and Jimi.
At the same time Anne also came to the belief. Believe the one which had still made the Anne more splendid also internally if possible, it is extremely beautiful human being who has matters of the life in order. And saarnauksien nowadays a spiritual home Anne acts as the compere furthermore in different occasions and ompa he the one which had been along also in the politics. Anne Pohtamo is still one of our Universumis, it, Miss. Ai it other then? Number it is, of course, Armi Kuusela :) However, Anne did not stay on the world like Armi as Armi did. Finland and Arto also proved to be a good choice.