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 Mister Spain Universe 2015
 4th Runner-Up & Mister Photogenic at Men Universe Model 2015 contest.

 Yovany is 26 years old Mister Spain Universe.  
 Yovany comes from Los Llanos de Aridane. Height 1.87 cm.


 1. Yovany, describe yourself !
  - I am a dynamic, resolute and dreamy.
 2. What is your favourite food ?
  - A good lasagna.

 3. Drink ?
 - Piña colada (strained pineapple).

 4. The Most important things in your life ?
 - The love for what I do and my dreams: family, learning so much and job.

 5 Your dreams ?
 - I want to be an actor & Model for important marks.
 6. Favourite film ?

 - Django.
 7. Actor ?
 - Great Michael Jackman.

 8. Are you happy in Spain ?
 - I'm happy always in Spain or other place, no problem for travel at abroad.





















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