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When from sweet Pirkko Mannola Miss Finland was made, Pirkko later talked about her experiences 1958; "Mä I was horribly shy and horribly clumsy. To go there in the middle of the people into the exhibition hall frightened käveleen. Ja there were ridicule shouts it being possible to come from there when that is short when there are thick thighs there that ai, ai. I was sure that the tomato will come to the neck" :)
1974 Johanna Raunio's victory had been agreed on beforehand according to the beauty contestants disappointed and that was not placed. Johanna cried in the dress rehearsals because of a matter. Among others. The beauty contestant called Liisa Seppälä intended to make a firm pay for the brassiere, Eino Makusen of her padded equipment :) For the same year 1.p.p Talvikki Ekman got Johanna to the cheek of the eye with a black boyfriend and of the nose with which it was not placed then in the competitions Miss Maailma.
1975 Anne Pohtamo got the bristle to her head when a beauty contestant got nervous and shouted that the wrong beauty contestant was chosen as a winner.