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1965 Virpi Miettinen chosen Miss Finland says that he has won silver also the same year in the competitions, Miss International Beauty. The truth is that in those competitions Finland represented, Östring which was placed among fifteen best prevented.
1970 Ursula Rainio's right name was Merja Rainio who first claimed its mother, dead. Number Ursula made the reconciliation with her mother after having grown to be an adult and Merja became Ursula.
Anne Pohtamo's 1.p.p Merja 1975 the oak has the strength to tell been Miss International Beauty on the pages of papers still :) Its title has been won only by Anneli Björkling. Satu Östring and Eeva Mannerberg have come second. Merja the oak won the teenage girls' competition, Miss YOUNG, International Beauty.
1978 The tee Heilimo communicated from Japan to Finland that he was placed fourth in the competitions, Miss Young International Beauty. The truth was that he got among 15 best.

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