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5.12.1948 From Terttu Nyman fire Miss Finland. He did not belong to the favourites of the competition but however, conquered the public eventually as judges also. Terttu Nyman was the best of the girls as a whole. A cluster Miss Europe crowned the previous year, Jacqueline Donny France.
Miss Europe then as her apron Terttu got 1949 to the competitions into a far-away Sicily's capital to Palermo, Annikki Arnin. The beauty contestant wardrobe was collected from the creations of the workshop, La Roben. Along Terttu got, among others, the walk dress that has been done from a grey woollen cloth, coctail dress and a white evening dress. With the place head Miss France and Miss Austria were distinguished to be its advantage of the group immediately. Annikki Arni knew immediately that Terttu would not be placed even though there was no fault in Terttu. Perhaps "that famous glamour" was but missing. In Sicily it was really hot and the beauty contestants lay in the baths, Villa Igeian. The girl of France was expectedly chosen Miss Europe and Miss Austria stayed sixth. The cluster did not achieve a final but considered the competition as a fine trip and it did not disturb at all a girl the failure to be placed. Even though Terttu did not convince a jury, there was somebody which took a fancy fervently to Terttu, however, in Sicily. He was the assistant physician of the central hospital of Palermo who still came home also at the start moment to wave to Terttu and to wish a good trip to Finland. However, the cluster did not warm to the man's thoughts and the return to Finland permanently was in the front. In 1951 Terttu Nyman married Heikki Raitio and their marriage lasted nearly 50 years when Terttu remained a widow. Also the children were siunaantua by 3 whole pieces. There was really no work during the beauty contestant year but for a year the splendid exotic trip to Sicily which had crowned was ...
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