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Seija Paakkola was chosen 1978 Miss Finland. The victory was a surprise both to the people of Finland and to Seija herself. Nearly all were sure that as a winner only 17-year-old Tii Heilimo is chosen but otherwise went. Seija took the victory, Tii was placed second. Many suspected that when he was a 18-year-old, Seija was a surer choice because Tii had only 17 years of an age. And there was that one year difference and it is still rather big when it is a question about the majority. However, Seija defeated tuomariston in the competitions Tii to be the third (Tii was the fourth one) one, this way from Seija's choice Miss Scandinavia also and Miss one may have at last united to Finnish~to opinion.
Seija Paakkola was a oululaistyttö who had not known how to wait for the success after having come a beauty contestant, ujohko. However, Seija burst during the beauty contestant year to the flower and an excessive shyness evaporated away. Miss Universum in the competitions in Mexico Seija did not get into 12 finalists but conquered maksikolaiset with her speech in Spanish Seija had learned beforehand which. Then Mexico's TV turned this Seija's speech to spectators and Miss Finlandia was thanked. Later in the autumn Seija still competed in the competitions coming third (as I mentioned earlier) when the girl of Sweden wins, Miss Scandinavia.
After the beauty contestant year Seija, Pepe Willberg, Armi Aavikko and Danny established the song band 1979, Finntastic and there was always a enough keikkailu for the year 1981. After that Seija left the publicity and started to found the family. The daughter Jenni was born from the first marriage 1984 with Jakke Seppälä. However, the marriage dried together and Seija returned to the bench of the school, it studied to be an agriculture technician.
The second marriage was contracted with Jari Kuusinen, helsinkiläinen, Haltialan, the holding of the steward of the state and of Kahvila-ravintola Wanhan Pehtoori stepped in the figures along. There Seija cooks good food to her customers.
Seija reminisces about her beauty contestant times nowadays on the heat. The beauty contestant year taught and gave a lot.

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