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In the spring of 1957 Finland made an international beauty after a long time its own. "A bit of only flaw" his seriousness seemed it to be Marita in place. The smile is not loosened by tahdonnut on anything! Marita was placed in the first international beauty competitions Miss Europe and he in the competitions Miss Valokuvauksellinen also was rewarded as 1.a crown princess with the prize. Many beauty contestant experts said that with the lips it would have brought the victory home a little a smile. However, Marita that was criticised serious was released and Miss Maailma of London walked to the victory in the competitions ylväästi. In competitions in which a victory after Marita did not come to Finland. Kaarina Leskinen and Sari Aspholm have got during the years 1962 and 1982 the nearest by being placed second. Marita's prizes included, among others, the sports car which however he never made his own. The tax authorities hit in-between and the car was not got.                                   Marita was compared with Grace Kelly, the princess of Monaco and with the true act a lot the same was found in them. Miss world after the competitions Marita travelled the globe crosswise to the tick working, among others, a fashion magazine, Voguelle. Italian film directors Federico Fellini and Luciano Visconti tried to persuade Marita as the star of its films but Marita was not interested in film roles. -I did not believe that I would have abilities to be an actor, Marita said it would have been for the lost time in the voting of                       Apu-lehti he was chosen 1970 for Miss Finland of all the times. The maiden of Finland and other beauties were left far behind. 1970~Marita fell in love to the then compere of the Finnish Broadcasting Company to Martti Kirsitie and they were married the same year. During the following year boy.   was gradually created to them, Marita's native country changed in the 80's from time to time England, for the shorter or longer time. First Kirsities lived in the centre of London quite until the landscapes changed to the rural landscapes of Oxford. A permanent home was established there but Marita has always said that she has been a Finn from her roots. It will be always good to return to Helsinki if sometimes the longing badly surprised.

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