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Maj-Len Eriksson was chosen 1972 Miss Finland. Tarja Leskinen, Anneli Björkling, Erja Limo and Pirkko Lehtonen were chosen as crown princesses. (See from the picture gallery Maj-Len picture 1)
In the letter,a few years ago, that was received from Maj-Leni Maj-Len reminisced about how he as the only beauty contestant had made a car own, Toyota Celican and he fetched it all the way from Japan even. Maj-Len reminisced about its beauty contestant year rewarding. It was able to travel to Portugal Miss Europe to competitions and Puerto Rico Miss Universum to competitions. In them, the becoming acquainted with the girls of different countries had been the most rewarding even though in the competitions themselves Maj-Len did not even reach a final. Then Miss Scandinavia in the competitions got 3.a crown princess loose in cosy ones, a title.
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