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Leena Brusiin: "The depression was to kill me"
Leena Brusiin told the end of the 90's~from hers long time depression and from hers adversities i paper called Seura. What was kadehtittava a rise to the top how pained a dropping was and how sick the earth's surface the doctors of which named burn outiksi seemed to meet eventually. Leena Brusiini's story is from how the human being gets over all the difficulties and the shades of the life. Today one is well under the sun shade :)
It has stayed in Leena Brusi in many hearts. Which are always they up for discussion, often they are forgotten. They which are not up for discussion unexpectedly them it is remembered. Difference 2000 Leena Brusiniin sometimes is sharp 60 and two. In front of me there is nearly a delicate shy woman from whose voice the faint shivering of the stretching shines. He has become smaller. The milk light impudent magnificence has disappeared. The long light hair has been cut short to a dark nut but in his words there is a wisdom which only the best of us catch.
-Must one only first suffer so much before its ego finds, Leena says. The first panic attack hit 1969 when Leena was to crown new Miss Europe on the way. He left in the middle of the trip, returned home and hit the bags into the cupboard. The articular rheumatism began to smoke in the early 70's and then a depression a little later hit it hits in mikä_vain. There of course is no actual reason. I understand certainly it. The fear premises take the memory and the sleep. I have been always little brittle and sensitive from my soul. I think on streets and in deals that it is stared even though nobody looks. The feeling does not feel on the reason to explain. The doctors named its burn outiksi even though it took a long time before it was officially found to be an illness they have said to me that it is the problem of the intelligent human being sensing sensitively. The hard human being sees nothing, he goes,enjoys and porskuttaa and laughs on. I do not see any reason to forbid that I am elämänkykyinen on the power of medicines which raise only the mood why it will plough black earth in vain from a deep one when with the help of medicines one can go along the meadow. Alcohol is foreign. The confessing of the eating of sedatives is beginning opening which is the foundation of all improvement. I know that it is my like in Finland a hundred thousand. But to the largest part the settings are the most important as the confessing of the difficult life. Perhaps my story helps some other. -I was disappointed with the people. Why? -Nobody wants to help the other really. If you give a human being a fish, he will live for a day. If you teach him to fish, he will live his whole life. Thus one does not want to help. I did not get married twice,to kihlat. I did not only find it correct. Therefore I love animals more than one human being perhaps. The dog does not escape and the cat does not deceive. They are their sketch, genuine. Except for the human being, all the animals know that the trick and idea of the life are to enjoy it. My cats try to teach it to me. It is a separate matter if I have learned.
  I have not hit a door shut all.yes, the familiar go least with numbers with them. There are good relations for two sisters. In 1996 it cut really shut. I fell in the hospital treatment, the physics and the psyche broke. Springs and Christmases were horrible Itsemurha was once still at the end of the step. I caught so many pills that I woke in the hospital. Perhaps the attempted suicide was a way to get the contact to the people because I could not leave my cats. I do not hate people but love animals. I am not afraid of the death as such. If it could choose, I would change 20 million lottery wins for health immediately, not to the belief, not even to a former beauty. There is a courageous woman for Leena Brusi. Rohkea.because he dares to tell about its weaknesses Paints pictures to Leena Brusi, the mind book is John Steinbeck's Hiiris and people. What will be this wonderful woman's dream then? -It already has come true . I was allowed to hold my son's daughter in my fathoms. Would Leena hope that he is Miss Finland 2020? -Not!
Lyhennelmä Leenan tarinasta Seura-lehdestä -90 luvun lopulta.