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Pirkko "brisk" Mannola was chosen 1958 Miss Finland.
Pirkko calls himself "the beauty contestant of the depression". Also length
Pirkko had only 162 cm. -" I am surely the shortest beauty contestant they,
what has been chosen ever in Finland, Pirkko has laughed."
But Pirkko disappeared to others what
also for it he has succeeded in the length
as actor and singer as a the whole of Finland's one
as love beauty contestant. During the beauty contestant year it came having done, a fashion and
jobs, the model both got, Pirkko Finland
as representative also to Turkey Miss Europe to competitions, in which
he was placed fifth. Soon it also was noticed, however
Song and skills of Pirkko of the actor. Pirkko is äänittänyt dozens of different songs, among others~to disk. How
the love began, Bzz bzz bzz, Kumipallo, Kuu-ukko and
Silver moon. Pirkko also went, Germany
in euroviisukarsinta in which he was placed fourth.
He presented the song together with, Wyn Hoopin.
The part name was
"Mama will Dich sehn"
Pirkko further makes song jobs. Often he has been seen
to sing Vieno Kekkonen and Brita Koivunen

Pirkko also became the actor. First in films, then
in theatre. He has appeared in more than 20 films. From these
is among others mentioned. Nina and Erik, Tyttö and hat and
Black grouse game. Just Teerenpeli in the film Pirkko became acquainted with Brita Koivunen.
On the platform of the theatre Pirkko appeared for the first time
Towards the end of the 1966.-60 number it also was turning in the television
popular TV series
"as you want in which Pirkko was"
along. He also has appeared, Sweden's TV
"Shipping company" made the tour in the series "Lempi
lesson" in play together Seppo Kolehmainen and
With Lilli Suomalainen. From other climaxes of the groove
the main part should be still mentioned, among others. Irma La Douce
in musical, role of Eliza in the Lady My fair and Hello
Dollyn main part in Swedish theatre of Turku.

Pirkko of Åke Lindman met her future husband
1962 for the first time a as much as 7 engagement and held
year, and then it was got married. Pirkko got the daughter
its only child's Heidi 1978. Heidi is already on her own and
married, but one lives near its Pirkko mother.
When Pirkko has retired, he has not stayed
laakerreille to rest. -Mä I am so busy and
I will be bored if there is doing nothing.
I may then say also to the beauty parlour if I go,
that this already does not end number! :) The speed feels still
sufficient. The husband stated recently that Pirkko is the best which the life has given to him.